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To empower your business

We are developing an innovative portfolio that empowers our customers to stay ahead. We believe that bringing together people, technology and business is the way forward.

Business Areas

We understand your technologies and we understand you. Our goal is to bring technology and process information for you right to the point and always ahead of its time. As a startup of the RWTH Aachen, we are located at the very heart of innovation and experts. We are in constant contact with the latest technology trends and directly involved with the development of innovations.


We believe in the further cooperation of humans and machines. That results in achieving the very highest level of production and efficiency. Our AR solutions will connect all available and useful data directly to your machines and their operators. Tomorrow's digital shopfloor? That is being generated today at Drops Technologies.


A few years ago augmented reality in medicine would have seemed like something out of science fiction. But by combining existing patient data such as CT scans and X-rays, with Microsoft's Hololens, our team has created something with the potential to revolutionize healthcare and surgery in the years ahead.


Integrating our AR solutions in the product development, the design alternatives can be regularly checked and analyzed using 3D holograms, which allow the designers and creatives to „emerge“ into the product. This enables designers to validate the product design before investing in hardware prototypes or even tools.

What We Do

Drops Technologies has been an expert in software development and process-driven technolgies. We combine powerful ideas with advanced engineering to build solutions for experts. We are commited to seamlessly deliver engineering for scalable and future-ready digital expertise.

Software Solutions

We develop applications for end-users and enterprises, with solutions for desktop, tablet and AR devices. Our enterprise applications integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, including ERP MES and PLM systems.

Software Consulting

Specializing in CAx, Augmented Reality and Industrie 4.0, our consulting services help you improve your transition through digital transformation. We assist you in deciding what current and technologies are most suited to your company’s needs.

Process Knowhow

We optimize solutions for modern process-driven facilities (e.g. discrete manufacturing). Analyzing your processes includes taking into the entire pocess chain - everything from the raw material and services to the final production stages.

Strategic Consulting

Our experience across industries allows us to perform diagnostics that help our clients get sustainable improvements. Focussing on areas with the most potential for generating results, our clients avoid the extra cost and time.

Some of our recent projects

Drops Technologies is working on numerous custom applications. Our team members are experts at designing and developing intuitive and engaging smart assistance solutions on Microsoft platforms.

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