Project Idea

Arthroplasty definitely has an outstanding position in orthopedics. The aim of this surgical procedure is the restoration of a joint by an artificial one, e.g. knee or hip implants. The implantation of such an artificial joint is one of the most critical therapy steps: every millimeter, which the artificial joint deviates from its natural model, is a risk for the therapy success. This is proven by several medical studies.

Although the medical staff has prepared many data before the surgery start, the amount of planning data makes it impossible for the surgeons, to quickly filter important information and then make fact-based intraoperative decisions. The problem for the surgeons is that they do not have quick and ergonomic access to critical patient information, which would help to increase the accuracy and quality of the surgical procedure by approximating the previous anatomy.

The project HoloMed aims to integrate Augmented Reality into arthroplasty. HoloMed provides surgery and patient information based on the HoloLens and gives the surgeon additional knowhow during the operation. The surgeon can access real-time image information of preoperative planning data during the surgical procedure. By using HoloMed, the implant can adapted to the patient’s anatomy more precisely which results in lower wear of the prosthesis and thus to a longer lifetime of the artificial joint. In addition, the patient recovers faster as patient-specific and biomechanical parameters can be taken into account during the AR-based procedure.

The benefit for the patient is obvious: Additional information help the surgical procedure to become more precise and thus less damaging. Reducing surgery time while reducing the risk of revision will result in a shorter therapy time for the patient and a cost reduction for the clinics.


HoloMed – Holographical assistant system for medical-surgical intervention


EXIST-Pojekt,  ESF und BMWI

Time Period