Project Idea

In traditional 3D modelling models are created, edited and viewed on a 2D computer screen. Since, projecting a 3D object on a 2D surface has certain limitations, we are bringing Hololens into play to overcome them. Our idea is to develop a connector between 3D modelling software and Hololens which provides the following functionalities,

  • Visualize created 3D models on Hololens.
  • Transfer and visualize textures.
  • Nearly real-time update of the 3D models on Hololens once the models are changed from the modeling software.
  • Gesture control to rotate and stretch the model for better viewing.

Our idea can be used in numerous different fields like CAD, education, healthcare helping product developers increase their creativity and productivity. Being able to see the 3D models under development can significantly boost the productivity while lowering the development cost. On the other hand, viewing 3D models of various body implants can provide medical professionals a better idea about the patient and possible future procedures. Combined with Rhino 3D, our tool provides an affordable solution and espcially helps small teams and studios who cannot afford 3D software systems of several thousand dollars.

We have chosen Hololens for its Mixed reality capabilities where the creators can view their creations emerged into the real world which is possible for Hololens unique Spatial Understanding capabilities. Unlike traditional augmented reality, Hololens presents holograms as real life objects which can be interacted with. Rich APIs provided by Windows 10, which Hololens is running on, and UWP has made writing and deploying codes on Hololens very easy. Gesture controls provided by the head mounted device are intuitive and matches our project idea perfectly.




Concept and Implementation