Product Overview

Transform your industrial workflow with an augmented reality platform that will empower your efficiency.

Create Workflows

Create your customized workflows tailored to the need of the tasks that your team needs to execute on the field.

EXcecute them on devices

More speed and security on your job while getting hands-free assistance with smart glasses but also with your smartphones and tablets.

Communicate on Field & get Feedback

Communicate with your field team using the Live Chat feature as it executes the task.

Get detailed Reports

The results from workflows are available as reports to help you and your team identify bottlenecks in your processes.

Workflow Management System

Make your workflows simple to design, easy to follow and effortless to monitor with Dropslab Core. Create detailed step-wise workflows on your web browser using set templates. Add related media such as photos and videos to enable your frontline team to understand each task. Assign tasks manually or automatically to individuals or teams, and freely edit the workflow if your requirements change.

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Workflow Visualizer

Dropslab Sense enables guided step-by-step assistance, but also allows you to access product process data in real-time. Reports and documentations of your work can be created automatically without loss of information and additional steps. All while having both hands free for the actual activity.

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Live Chat Web and Mobile

The live chat app integrated into the Workflow Management Systems connects the teams on field seamlessly with the teams in office. Interact with your teams remotely with comments as well as video chat features in real time on any iOS device, Android device or smart glasses.

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