Smart Assistance Systems

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Taking your workflow to the next level

Whether surgeon, engineer or architect, our innovative assistance technology helps specialists meeting their goals faster and better. Our assistance systems ensure that the workforce is endowed with features providing situatonal insight and facilitating timely task completion.

Smart Assistance systems for Industry

More first-time fixes, less downtime and happier customers in manufacturing, product assembly and maintenance

AR based arthroplastic Surgery

Access medical records, planned surgery workflows and patient vitals while concentrating on the patient

Visualize Designs before Completion

Architects and product developers can visualize their designs at the earliest stage and discuss with stakeholders.

Transform your business

Reshape your processes using AR

Drops Technologies introduces AR to medical and engineering applications integrating the Microsoft HoloLens. Intergrating our smart assistance system into surgery, field service or shop floor, you can see planning details and complex workflows projected onto your visual field in real-time.

Augment your induvidulized workspace

Understanding the need for 'your' AR solution

Our team bundles knowhow in engineering, medicine and computer science. With a perfect match of expertise, our team provides you customized smart assistance systems using the newst AR technology for your specific needs. Based on our HoloFramework, our team is focused on bringing you the latest business grade solutions and dedicated services.

Discover with us the future in healthcare, industry and design.

Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are more than just buzzwords for us. But what do these key words specifically mean for process driven specialists?