Conventional instruction and reporting

add hassel, not value

Existing workflows, paper or digital, often become outdated and out of context as situation on the ground evolves continuously. Looking up relevant information in instruction manuals or enterprise databases takes up 19% of the worker’s time, and induces wastage and inefficiency. Most AR solutions available lack instant feedback and results about the task in progress.

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Context based information

at the blink of your eye

Supercharge your access to information and reduce preparation time of any frontline tasks by 10x Assist AR integrates workflows and reporting into a smart AR solution. It provides frontline workers with context sensitive information for their job in real time.

  • Augmented intelligence based on AI and AR
  • Apply to any industry, any process
  • Completely customisable workflows, no programming needed
  • Device agnostic( may be icons of Android, IOS, Glasses etc.)
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Discover With Us The Future of Healthcare, Industry

Improve productivity by 10X

Drastically decrease downtime in manufacturing, product assembly and maintenance

Communicate effortlessly with frontlines

Our Live Chat module allows you to communicate to the people out at job to assist them with their tasks while working on their workflows

Monitor progress in real time

Remotely track your team’s progress in real time from miles away

Eliminate errors

Eliminate errors by acquiring timely and precise information

Generate insights

Analyze the detailed digital workflows to generate insights for process efficiency and business growth

Save time and costs

Save the costs of paper and time spent in searching for information using app compatible with iOS, Android and Smart Glasse

Transform your business

Empower your medical teams with Dropslab Medical Solutions

Dropslab Technologies introduces AR to medical applications integrating the various AR, android and IOS devices. Intergrating our smart assistance system into surgery you can see planning details and complex workflows projected onto your visual field in real-time.

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