Strengthen your workforce with our AR Platform.

Boost your efficiency by 15% with our augmented reality navigation and remote support. Ensure zero defect processes and fewer errors.

Traditional work instructions add hassle, not value

Existing workflows, paper or digital, often become outdated and out of context as situation on the ground evolves continuously. Looking up relevant information in instruction manuals or enterprise databases takes up 19% of the worker’s time, and induces wastage and inefficiency. Most AR solutions available lack instant feedback and results about the task in progress.

Context based information at the blink of your eye

Supercharge your access to information and reduce preparation time of any frontline tasks by 10x Dropslab Technologies integrates workflows and reporting into a smart AR solution. It provides frontline workers with context sensitive information for their job in real time.

Workflow Management System

Create detailed step-wise workflows on your web browser using set templates. Add related media such as photos and videos to enable your frontline team to understand each task. Assign tasks manually or automatically to individuals or teams, and freely edit the workflow if your requirements change.

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Workflow Visualizer

More speed and security on your job while getting hands-free assistance with smart glasses but also with your smartphones and tablets.

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Live Video Chat

Communicate with your field team using the Live Chat feature as it executes the task.

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