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Communicate with your field team using the Live Chat feature as it executes the task.
Predefined workflows with all necessary data on device.
Sending all the inspection-data to Dropslab Core (Management System) and generating reports and documentation of current task.
Struggle to find needed information at the right time.
Many tools for different purposes slowing down the process.
Documentation during or after the process steals a lot of time.


Create your customized workflows tailored to the need of the tasks that your team needs to execute on the field.
The results from workflows are available as reports to help you and your team identify bottlenecks in your processes.


Visualize the workflow as step by step guidelines on Android and iOS devices including smart glasses


720/ per user per year
  • 1 device at a time
  • Work instructions
  • CAD inegration
  • Access to knowledge base
  • 1 hour training included


1190/ per user per year
  • All from Basic
  • Multiple devices at a time
  • Remote tele-mentoring
  • Email support & support portal


1590/ per user per year
  • All from Advanced
  • Work instructions & mentoring
  • IoT & tool integration
  • CAD, ERP & MES integration
  • Support with 2 hours response