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At Dropslab Technologies, we recently had a project meeting focused on „VIrtual realiTy environment for Additive ManufacturINg Enabled by 5G“ or „Vitamine_5G“. The project aims to revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry by utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) and 5G technology.

Additive manufacturing, despite its relative newness, has seen exponential growth and adoption in recent years. However, monitoring and adjusting these processes in real-time remains a challenge due to technological limitations. That’s where Vitamine_5G steps in.

Vitamine_5G project plans to develop a comprehensive monitoring and exploration system using immersive xR technology. Leveraging the power of 5G, the project aims to aggregate data from different sources and transfer it to AR/VR glasses for instantaneous analysis and real-time adjustments, promising to significantly reduce manufacturing waste and production time.

With 5G and xR, we are stepping into a new era of manufacturing where efficient, precise, and immersive monitoring becomes the new normal. As partners in this consortium, we’re excited about the possibilities this project brings to the table and are eager to contribute to its success.