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Introducing the Latest Feature Update for Dropslab Core & Dropslab Sense.

We are thrilled to unveil the most exciting update yet for Dropslab Core and Dropslab Sense! Our team has been hard at work, dedicated to enhancing your productivity, streamlining your workflow, and delivering a seamless experience for all our users. With this feature-packed update, we aim to empower your workforce and revolutionize your quality management processes.

1. Livechat: Real-time Support at Your Fingertips.

We understand the importance of immediate assistance during critical operations. With Livechat, you can now connect directly with your team in real-time through both Dropslab Core and Dropslab Sense. This functionality even extends to smart glasses! The live annotation tool enables seamless collaboration, ensuring swift task execution and enhanced teamwork.

2. Speech-to-Text: Hands-Free Work Made Easy.

Say goodbye to manual note-taking and data input. Our new Speech-to-Text feature converts your spoken words into text instantly. This hands-free functionality is designed to optimize efficiency, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without interruptions. Whether you need to record measurements or make notes on the go, Speech-to-Text has you covered.

3. Substeps: Streamlined Workflow Management.

For tasks that demand a more detailed approach, we introduce Substeps in Dropslab Core. Substeps enable you to break down your workflow into smaller, manageable parts, promoting a simplified and organized process when working with Dropslab Sense. Say hello to streamlined efficiency and bid farewell to complexity.

4. OCR/Barcode Scanner: Boost Your Task Management Efficiency.

Managing task data has never been easier. Our integrated OCR and Barcode Scanner simplify input and management of task data. Simply add barcode or scanner tags to your task steps in Dropslab Core and seamlessly utilize them in the Dropslab Sense app. Welcome to a new era of task management efficiency.

5. Media Tags: Dynamic Task Visualization.

Visualize your tasks dynamically with our three new media tags: Photo, Video, and Audio. Incorporate these tags into your task steps and upload corresponding media to Dropslab Core for analysis. Media tags provide a live, step-by-step view of your tasks, adding a new dimension to your workflow.

Download the Latest Apps:
To experience these exciting new features, simply update or download the latest versions of Dropslab Core and Dropslab Sense from the following app stores:

Curious to see how these game-changing features work in action?
Book a live demo with our team by visiting our Demo Booking Page. Discover firsthand how Dropslab can revolutionize your quality management processes and optimize your workforce.

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We Are Committed to Your Success:
At Dropslab, your success is our priority. We hope these feature updates will significantly improve your experience with Dropslab Core and Dropslab Sense. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we remain dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools for your quality management needs.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Dropslab community!

Summer Release 2023.R1